Traditional Anthem

Criado por Pubblicità Sul Aliance, em 1994

I’m a supporter with all my heart
ACBF is emotion
With our strength and union
ACBF will be champion


Carlos Barbosa got together

Celebrating the health generation

Sport is life for us

It’s life, determination and youth

Ouça o Hino

Official Anthem

Criado por DCS, em 2001

There are five on the pitch
It looks like a million
It’s determination, courage
Sweat, heart
The moral fiber is great
Greater the support


It’s more than emotion

It’s almost craziness

ACBF, nobody can hold it


From Carlos Barbosa

Official glory

The town celebrating

General delight

The best of Brazil

The world has already seen


It’s more than emotion

It’s almost craziness

ACBF, nobody can hold it

Ouça o Hino

FutsalWorld Cup Anthem

Criado por DCS, em 2004


I’m from Carlos Barbosa and ACBF is the champion
I’m going to shout with all my proud
ACBF is the world champion

28 years of ball and history
Making the Brazilian crowd burst
Anywhere in the planet
We kick it and it scores an upper-90



The team is thankful for the ones who play
Without entering the pitch
Because with them we decide
From the first to the second period


All together in one same feeling
The ones who have stayed and the ones who have left
But wherever they are
They’ll see ACBF is the boss


Ouça o Hino

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