ACBF colors have had the following origin:

White from Real uniform;

Black from River uniform;

Orange being a homage to Netherlands National Soccer Team, internationally known as the “Clockwork Orange”.


ACBF flag is part of its supporters’ uniform. It sports the three predominant colors of the club and the classic shield in the center. The flag is sold at Loja Paixão Laranja, at ACBF headquarters.

Classic Shield

ACBF Classic Shield follows these color patterns:


Pantone Orange 021 - 0C - 60M - 100Y - 0K

Pantone Black - 0C - 0M - 0Y - 100K

Pantone White - 0C - 0M - 0Y - 0K


Signature Shield

Shield with "Carlos Barbosa Futsal" signature

Official Shield

Created by Victor Luiz Cousseau, from D3 Design, ACBF shield has never been altered since its creation. The coat of arms has only received a few changes because of the titles the team has conquered.


Its ultimate version contains three stars above the shield, which signify the unification of the National, America and World titles. The layout of the stars has been designed by ACBF Counselor Agostinho Facchini.


Five balls represent the five futsal players, while the letters ACB mean “Associação Carlos Barbosa”, in honor of the town to which the team belongs.


Tríplice Coroa Shield

“Tríplice Coroa” Shield was designed by ACBF Counselor Agostinho Facchini in 2009 in order to celebrate the conquest of Futsal League, Brazilian Clubs’ Cup and State Futsal Championship in the same season.

“Laranjinha”, the mascot

ACBF official mascot is “Laranjinha”, a tiger. It has been chosen in a competition among children from ACBF Futsal School and from Carlos Barbosa regular schools. Besides the orangish color the tiger fur shows, the determination and fury of the animal are also characteristics we can find in ACBF.

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