A history full of passion and achievements

In the high mountains region of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, there’s the town of Carlos Barbosa, with a population of 26 thousand inhabitants. This town, 104km (64 miles) far from Porto Alegre, is proudly the heart of one of the biggest futsal teams in the world: ACBF – Associação Carlos Barbosa de Futsal.


The passionate history between Carlos Barbosa and sports began a long time ago. In the end of the 60s, beginning of the 70s, the population of the town followed many futsal teams which vied in a local competition. In 1976, Real and River, the most famous teams at the time, decided they could fly higher. So, on March, 1st, they got together and became one only team.


Aldo Pontin, the owner of Lancheria Original then, suggested this new team a name: “Associação Carlos Barbosa de Futebol”. According to ACBF minute book, it had the intention of “promoting the good name of the town one more time”.


The uniform colors were a mix between the colors white from Real, founder Clovis Tramontina’s team, and black from River, founder Sérgio (Shéi) Luis Guerra’s team. To make it a tricolored team, they chose orange – the same color the Dutch national team, the famous “Clockwork Orange” Netherlands, wore for the Germany World Cup (1974).


The brand new team then announced a project which got the citizens astonished: win the regional “futebol de salão” title. “Futsal” is a portmanteau of “futebol de salão” (something like “hall football”) to what the name of the sport has officially been changed nowadays.


Within the next 20 years since its foundation, Associação Carlos Barbosa de Futsal (the name has been changed when the sport received the new denomination) participated in the regional championship first division. In 1996, the dream some athlete boys dared to dream became the fulfillment of an experienced group when, exactly on October, 19th, they could finally scream they were champions.


The time has passed and the number of titles grown. Since the achievement of its first regional championship, ACBF rose the cup for best team in the state ten times. Besides this, the club has crossed the Mapituba river, border with Santa Catarina state, to conquer Brazil. ACBF has been four times champion of the National Futsal League (2001, 2004, 2006, 2009 and 2015) and twice of the Brazilian Futsal Cup (2001, 2009 and 2016).


Abroad, the Clockwork Orange from Rio Grande do Sul has also conquered America (in 2002, 2003 and 2011), unifying the “South America Champion” and the “America Champion” titles.


Besides the continent, ACBF has conquered the world. In 2001, the team was champion at the Intercontinental Cup in Russia, still when the competition was not endorsed by FIFA. In 2004, after the international governing body of football patronize the dispute, ACBF was the first futsal team to carry a “World Champion” title. Furthermore, in 2012, the team was considered 2nd Time World Champion when playing at home, as the Intercontinental Cup was being held for the first time in Carlos Barbosa.


Altogether, ACBF displays at its Trophy Room around 400 pieces, all of them showing the serious and triumphant work made on these 38 years of sport playing.


Additionally, the club also works with 450 youth and children on its Youth Academy (Ladies, Under 20 and Youth) and Futsal Schools, which cover Carlos Barbosa, together with neighboring towns Barão and Garibaldi. More than developing quality of life through futsal, these girls and boys receive a complementary education to school, in which sport is a way to spread values and to form good citizens.


However, don’t think the club’s history ends like that... there’s still much more to do. Not only ACBF is an institution from Carlos Barbosa, but also from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, America and the whole world. This team’s job is to shine and to keep futsal alive as a grand sport around the world.

The two teams which got together to form ACBF: Real and River


Standing, from left to right: Ari Baldasso, Angelo (Cabelinho) Zani, Ademar (Bidu) Gedoz, Clovis Tramontina; down, from left to right: Idair Mânica, Rui (Bolívia) Mantovani, Laurinho Cignachi, Antonio Bertotto.


Standing, from left to right: Valter (Carazinho) Cará, Celso Luiz (Quito) Guerra, Tiago Guerra, Darci (Zanda) Zandavalli, Magno Spadari, José (Zé) Guerra, Sérgio Luiz (Shéi) Guerra, Carlos (Paulista) Schaffer; down, from left to right: Ildo (Babão) Dalcin, Luiz Antonio (Shidi) Spadari, Dejair (Pixain) Vieira Flores, José Luiz Dametto , Irani Cichelero.

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